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About Us

About App Play Date

We are an exclusively private adult sex toy company. We realize that just about everyone want to explore intimacy sometimes in a freaky way. However, we all know that you just may want order it in the privacy of your home, or in a closed intimate session with a few friends. We give yo u the opportunity to earn a discount on what you buy personally, and a commission on what others buy from your link, and those who sign up to resell from your link.

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About Our Products

We offer a variety of Products

Our Products are not just for enjoyment, but all rejuvenation.We offer a Kegel toy that is state of the art in helping women when they get to the stage in life when they may begin to loose control of their muscles.

  • Made from the Safest Silicone Products
  • Waterproof
  • No Batteries USB
  • Made in China
  • App Controlled, share with anyone in the world or use alone

Touch It, Use It,Definitely Climax With It!